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FCM Airsoft Gaming and Training April 21-23 after 2pm on Friday through Sunday afternoon Summers Family Farm in Fredericktown. $75 per person. All meals and drinks provided. Snacks welcomed.

Perfect for anyone looking for group training or improving air soft skills. Open to anyone in the mood for a good time.


We will be learning:

Basic land navigation

Infantry movement techniques

Traveling techniques

Attack formations

Crossing danger areas

Proper reactions to ambush.

Essentials to bring: Camping equipment and camp chairs. Airsoft equipment: Gun-I recommend a full automatic rifle; Safety glasses-clear and tinted; Bio degradable BB’s-a MUST; Clothes that are able to blend in and withstand crawling around in the brush.

I will have plenty of BB’s available for sale.

Other Helpful Items but not necessary: Compass or GPS; canteen or other water carrier.

Recreational Items: You are welcome to bring fishing poles and bicycles.

RSVP by April 14th. Make checks payable to FCM and address to Josiah Summers, PO Box 586, Fredericktown, MO 63645.

For more information, call Josiah 314-920-6135.