Vendor Request

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at our 30th Anniversary FCM (CHEF) conference.

Here are a few things to ponder when applying for an application:

Although participation at the Family Covenant Ministries Conference and Curriculum Fair is by Invitation Only, you may still request our vendor application after reviewing the following.

Although we allow the usual curriculum companies to display at our conference, since we believe that homeschooling is a lifestyle, we also allow companies that sell supplemental materials such as those that relate to a family’s reading, family business, homemaking, health, and family entertainment.

We encourage and support:

  • Curriculum companies
  • Family Reading - Christian publishers, Seminaries
  • Family Businesses - Farm products, Seed company, wooden toys
  • Young entrepreneurs - Jewelry, Photography
  • Homemaking - Kitchen Utensils, Baking Supplies
  • Healthy Lifestyle - Essential Oils, Organic Make-up, Chiropractor’s
  • Family Entertainment - Toys, Puzzles, Games, DVD’s

We believe that God commands parents to disciple their own children, therefore we do not allow vendors that undermine the Family Covenant or which segregate family members. Multi-marketing companies are also not allowed.

We do not allow the following:

  • Colleges
  • Local umbrella schools
  • Learning Centers (e.g., co-ops)
  • Dance Studios
  • Multi-Marketing companies

Booth Sizes and Pricing
We have two booth sizes available 8x10 and 10x10. Each booth purchased is equipped with one standard 8’ x 30” table (covered and skirted), two chairs per space, wastebasket, and an ID sign bearing vendor name. A pole and drape system is used. The price of the booth also includes the companies/ministry’s name in our conference program that is handed to each family as well as the companies/ministry’s name and website listed on FCM’s website, which will remain on the site for the remainder of the year. We also offer free advertising through our emailed newsletter prior to the conference, which is emailed to our subscriber’s nationwide.

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