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DVDs are $15 + S/H



Doug Phillips (video clips / overheads are not included)

  • Into the Amazon: The Great Battle Against Radical Enviromentalism

Voddie Baucham 

  • The Role of the Father in Home Education / Discipleship 
  • Education and Worldview (overheads included)
  • Teaching Your Children with Your Grandchildren in Mind (overheads included)

Reb Bradley

  • Understanding the Heart of Your Wife (overheads included)
  • Raising Respectful Children (overheads included)

Beverly Bradley

  • The Keeper of the Home
  • 10 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Began Homeschooling
  • Warrior Mother: Fighting for the Kids not With Them

Herb Titus

  • The Declaration of Independence: The Nation's Charter Covenant
  • The United States Constitution. The Nation's Civil Government's Covenant
  • The Bill of Rights: Securing Individual Liberty & Property In the Nation's Civil Covenant
  • A Darwinism Revolution: The Living Constitution a Covenant with Death
  • Restoring Civil Covenant: Interposition and the Original Constitutional Text

Bill Potter

  • Historigraphy of the Causes of Secession and War: Why the South Left the Union
  • The Power of Symbol and Controversy: Battle Flags of the Civil War
  • The Death of a Regiment: The First Texas at Antietam
  • Rise of Abolitionist Terrorism:  John Brown and the Secret Six
John Dwyer
  • Abraham Lincoln: The Step Father of our Country
  • The Christian Character of Robert E. Lee
  • Great Revivals During the War Between the States
  • Reconstruction or Deconstruction?