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Welcome to Family Covenant Ministries

Mission Statement


Believing that children are a gift from the Lord and that God commands parents to diligently teach their children, our mission is to encourage and equip families to fulfill God’s commandment to train up godly children for His throne room.

The family is God’s strategy for victory, the very heart and soul of His covenant, the key to life, and the core to the Gospel. Parental discipleship, family economics, and family solidarity is what forged Christian civilizations and the bedrock on which they rest. And it is only our fidelity to God’s covenant that can alter our nation’s perilous course.
Our vision for taking dominion of our culture for God’s glory is to raise up godly generations that will fill the earth with God’s standards; generations who “know their father’s God and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind” (1 Chronicles 28:9); generations who fear the Lord and walk in all His ways, who love Him and serve Him with all their hearts and all their souls (Deuteronomy 10:12); faithful generations fearing God more than many (Nehemiah 7:2); generations anointed with the Spirit of the Lord (1 Samuel 16:13); generations who will be strong and courageous, careful to do according to all the law, not turning from right or left, whose Lord is with them wherever they go (Joshua 1:6-9); generations who show intelligence in every branch of wisdom, endowed with understanding, discerning knowledge, who have the ability to serve in the King’s court (Daniel 1); generations who will shepherd God’s people and rule (2 Samuel 5:2).
This vision is executed through our mission to equip and strengthen generations of families through life-transforming scriptural training. Besides our monthly teachings in our newsletters, and personal instruction at our meetings, we provide our families with the best nationally known speakers, and the finest educational materials available at our annual conferences, thus fulfilling our foremost commitment to glorify God by continuing to establish Christ as our foundation—the Creator of covenantal families.
In battle, the standard bearer raises the army’s banner to lead the soldiers, to remind them for whom they fight and whose honor they represent. Throughout history, the standard serves to define the battle and the men who valiantly struggle for the cause that they love.
Our hope is that our families will become the standard bearers for succeeding generations in the battle for God’s glory! That our families will forge ahead with the same vision, the same purpose, same goals, as they work together to transform the culture for God’s glory. 
For you are “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9


CHEF’S New Name
Please Note: As some of you have noticed on our website, Christian Home Educators Fellowship is now Family Covenant Ministries. Perhaps you may wonder why, after 30 years, we changed our name; especially since you know that we are such die-hard traditionalists. Well according to some speakers and vendors, the name CHEF is a fairly common name for homeschooling groups across the country. However, unlike us, the vast majority has become very worldly. Thus in an effort to distance ourselves from them, we changed our name. But more importantly, for quite some time God has impressed upon us the need for more clearly defining who we are.
Although we will always be referred to as homeschoolers or home educators, the fact remains that we do not bring schooling home or educate like the world because God has commanded us to disciple our children.
As heirs with Abraham, we are children of the covenant, and since family is the foundation of that covenant, and of the church and civil government, we felt God was calling us to change CHEF to Family Covenant Ministries. In this newsletter, under Covenantal Families, we have begun a series of articles entitled The Family Covenant which best explains the significance this.
Our family’s desire then is to renew a vision and a commitment to rebuild the foundation by returning to God’s covenant for the family. Although we work towards this goal in everything we pursue, we actually dedicated our entire 2012 CHEF conference to reestablishing this vision of our noble mission. In fact we had the greatest speakers of our time-Doug Phillips, Kevin Swanson, Marshall Foster, Dr. Paul Jehle, Dr. Joe Morecraft, Colonel John Eidsmoe, and others, confirm the historical and biblical truth of dominion taking in all areas of life through the family covenant.
To transform our culture for the glory of God, we must turn back to the covenant because it is our only hope for the future. That is why we are specifically emphasizing the importance of multi-generational covenantal faithfulness-for the family is God’s strategy for victory, the very heart and soul of His covenant, the key to life, and the core to the Gospel. It is what forged Christian civilizations and the bedrock on which they rest. And it is only our fidelity to God’s covenant that can alter our perilous course.
May we persevere together to restore the ancient foundations!-Jon and Candy

Family Covenant Ministries Attorney and Lobbyist
We are honored and greatly blessed to have David John Klarich continue as our homeschooling attorney and registered lobbyist. He homeschooled his own five children. David was elected to the Missouri Senate (1994-2002) where he served as the Chairman of Judiciary; Chairman of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules; Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics; and member of Judicial Resources; Ways and Means; Pensions and General Laws; and Local Government and Economic Development. He was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives (1990-1994).

David drafted, sponsored, and passed legislation relating to virtually all subjects. Included among his legislative accomplishments are the creation of the Child Custody, Abuse and Neglect Commission; created and/or protected the Uncompensated Tort Victims Fund, Crime Victims Fund, and Unemployment Compensation Fund; passed a law that prohibits frivolous lawsuits by making inmates pay for their own legal fees; created a state program to put “at-risk” youth to work instead of turning to crime; created the first expedited capital crimes procedure; banned the death penalty for the mentally retarded; drafted and passed the first Violent Sexual Predators law, the Predator Registry, and Predator Civil Commitment procedure; defined and defended marriage; drafted and co-sponsored the “Safe Schools Act”; drafted significant civil, corporate, and judicial reform legislation; secured additional resources for education and transportation; and reformed property tax laws.

He also worked in private law practice with the Clayton law firm of Riezman Berger, P.C. In 2002, Mr. Klarich created and now manages a company known as Citizens for Policy Reform, LLC which provides government relations services before the United States Congress, Missouri General Assembly, and administrative agencies. He holds an A.B. in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an M.A. in Public Policy, and Juris Doctor from Regent University, Virginia .

David Klarich is in Jefferson City each day of the legislative session diligently working on our behalf both for us as homeschoolers and as families. Therefore, we are deeply grateful to God for providing us with such an experienced attorney who has served as both Missouri Representative and Missouri Senator for many years. David also handles our DFS cases and has been instrumental in helping our families in past years with issues concerning admission to technical schools, universities, the armed services, and work permits.
We also want to emphasize the importance of showing your gratitude to David for his service in the Missouri House of Representatives and the Senate and for all the many years he has served our CHEF families for free. I know of no other state that has been blessed with such a tremendous service! Please make every effort to thank David for his sacrificial service by sending an email back to us so that we can forward it on to him.