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FCM 23rd Annual English Country Christmas Ball to Live Music, Saturday, December 1st, 6:30 p.m. at the beautiful Salem United Methodist Church, 1200 S. Lindbergh Blvd. Conveniently located on the northeast corner of Hwy 40/64 on Lindbergh Blvd. Enter through back entrance. No prior dance experience is required. Please bring a two-liter bottle of ginger ale and a finger food to share. $6 per person; $42 maximum/family. Children 2 and under free. At the Door: $7 per person; $49 per family.
Make check payable to FCM, c/o Sonia Summers, P.O. Box 586, Fredericktown, MO 63645. Must be postmarked by November 29th.
Bob Green started dancing at the Pasadena Folk Dance Coop in the late 1950’s. He became an avid contra dancer in the mid 1990’s. He added English Country dance just after the turn of the century, and began calling English and Contra shortly thereafter. In addition to calling for English and Contra dance, Bob teaches waltz and other traditional couples dance, and is the editor of the Dance Video Archives website. Bob also love to do choreography, and has written over 40 contra and English Country dances. Here are links to a few popular ones:

Please Note: Young people’s behavior to one another should be that of brothers and sisters in Christ. No flirting, pairing off, or loitering outside the building. 
Please dress modestly. Parents, we realize how difficult it is these days to find modest apparel for daughters; however, we ask that you make sure that your daughters wear knee length or longer dresses and modest necklines. No off the shoulder dresses or spaghetti straps allowed. If you invite someone else who has never attended, please make certain that they understand our godly standards.