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Following the 2010 Conference a survey was taken and here are some of the comments.


Our Attendees' 2010 Testimonials:


"It is so evident that you all (those planning the conference) have prayed diligently about which speakers and topics to address. Thank you for your service and being open to the Lord's leading! God Bless your efforts! Our family is truly blessed each year we attend the conference. It’s about so much more than just homeschooling!!! Thank you!"-


" I love that this conference is about way more than homeschooling. It is about raising Godly families and warriors for the kingdom."- Williamsburg, MO

"We would like to express our deep appreciation to the CHEF directors for this spiritually enriching conference. We met so many followers of Jesus here. There was a very sweet spirit in this place."- Mansfield, MO

" I can't say enough positive things about CHEF. This conference was instrumental in our decision to pull our kids from public school and homeschool 7 years ago. God let us know His will through the CHEF conference. We are encouraged and "recharged" by hearing the speakers remind us why we are doing this."
- Centralia, MO

"We are always so encouraged after coming and ready to start a new school year."
-Fulton, MO

"Marshall Foster-excited over current events by vivid historical parallel, challenges us to act. Ken Ham-great understanding of secularized perspective and power of God to change it."
- Kirkwood, MO

"Ken Ham reassured my biblical worldview and increased my confidence to stand strong in God's word. Kevin Swanson was realistic and very funny. This was my first year attending (2010) and I was overwhelmed with all the information and encouragement. My children are four and two and I'm more excited now then ever about homeschooling them. Thank you." -Dittmer, MO

"Ken Ham (dynamic speaker, great content. Bill Potter very good presentation of history for young and old alike, added deeper detail. Paul Jehle another dynamic speaker, interesting, challenging. You (CHEF) expose us to new ideas and old favorites. Thank you."-Union, MO

"We love the inspiration we all receive for the big picture-discipling, long term."- Troy, MO

"We look forward to being here every year!"- Edwardsville, IL

"Paul Jehle is an amazing Godly intelligent speaker."-Oak Ridge, MO

"Our favorite part of the conference is hearing words that aren’t spoken from the pulpit at home. Here we don't feel like aliens."- Mexico, MO



Our Attendees’ 2009 Testimonials:

“I believe that CHEF is doing a great job ministering to homeschool families. This year’s conference was very uplifting and encouraging, and it did a wonderful job of reminding me where my true focus in homeschooling should be—on the Lord Jesus Christ. It reminded me of the fact that once my focus was on Him, everything else will fall into place. The journey of homeschooling my children with Christ may not always be easy. As a matter of fact, it may be extremely difficult, yet worth every trouble and trial; and without Him—impossible. Thank you for keeping the conference so Christ-centered and family-friendly. Thank you for the CHEF emails. They, too, are also very encouraging. Gentle reminders of where my focus should be—on Christ and His kingdom, serving His purpose, not our own. Thank you! Thank you for allowing Christ to work through you to teach and encourage homeschoolers to trust, obey, rely on, follow, and serve Christ!”

“Excellent! Thank you for the godly messages we heard, fellowshipping with like-minded families, and being able to purchase materials that are hard to find locally. Thank you for making this conference a vessel for God to guide us in our homeschooling daily life!!! Please keep praying about how God would use the conference to revive His Spirit in our
homes and land!”

“Your conference is so vastly different from all other conferences. We travel to homeschool conferences all over the country, and there is not another one like yours. Your conference is so godly! Even your families and their children are vastly different from other conferences. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We love your conference and look forward to it every year.”

“The conference was a tribute to the effectiveness of CHEF’s ministry throughout all these years. What a glorious sight to see all the families, all the MEN!!”

“This conference is a yearly rejuvenation for a lot of families who feel they have flat lined. For us, it just gets us excited to continue in our discipling. Every year we are amazed. The quality of the conferences is always fabulous, but somehow they improve! We so appreciate the effort that goes in to seeking and selecting the speakers. Thank you so much! All the speakers were glorious.”

“You have totally changed our lives. I cannot even imagine where our family would be today if it were not for your teaching and encouragement to follow God’s Word. Thank you for all you have done for us and for all the other families you have touched.”

“Do you realize how vastly different your conference and your families are from all other homeschooling conferences around the country? Your hard work is very evident and known all over the country!”

“Every year God uses the CHEF conference to touch our lives in areas where He wants us to grow! Thank you for being sensitive to Him in providing us with what we need.”

“My husband and I are so thankful that our children can sit at the feet of such godly men and women to hear such powerful, life changing messages. Thank you!”

“The CHEF conference is the shot in the arm spiritually, reminding us of our vision and our incredible responsibility to
raise godly children.”

“WOW! It is so great to see so many children here, listening to all these godly speakers! I cannot even begin to imagine what God is going to do with these children!”

“Thank you for changing my family’s life!”