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It has come to our attention that there is confusion about how long you must stay for our upcoming conference and activities.

You may come for just the two days of workshops on Tuesday the 6h and Wednesday the 7th or stay longer for the other activates as time permits. You choose how long you want to stay and what you want to see.

For example, you could come to just the workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Or you could come to Silver Dollar City on Monday, and then the conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Or come to Silver Dollar City on Monday, the conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, and some or all the activities on Thursday.
Or come for all five days of conference and activities.
Or you could come to one day of the conference and one or more days of the activities.
Whatever works for you is fine with us.

Monday September 5 Silver Dollar City (Special Classes to be announced)
Tuesday September 6 Conference at Chateau on the Lake
Wednesday September 7 Conference at Chateau on the Lake
Thursday September 8 Titanic Museum 9:00
 College of the Ozarks Tour and Lunch 11:30
 Lunch on own at Keeter Center
 Sight and Sound Theater Moses Production 3:30 (Arrive 2:45)
 Christian Pageant and Bible Ball in Sight and Sound’s Lobby
Friday September 9 Silver Dollar City (Special Classes to be announced)

Events and Special Ticketing Prices

To order your tickets go

Silver Dollar City 2-day Special Pass for Monday, September 5 and Friday, September 9
Adult: $57
Child (4-11): $43
Includes taxes, shipping, service fee
(Compare to regular price 1-day tickets: $65.64 adult/$53.80 child)
We will have a tour of the cave and special workshops planned for you at Silver Dollar City.

Titanic Museum September 8, 9:00 a.m.
Child (4-18): $9 plus one adult
Other adults: $25
(Compare to regular price: $28 adults ages 13 and up/$10 child ages 5-12)

College of the Ozarks Tour and Lunch September 8, 11:30 a.m.
Tour Free
Lunch on your own at Keeter Center.
This tour will not only impart the history, vision and mission of the college but also allow you to see first hand the students working around the campus.

Sight and Sound Theater Moses Production September 8, 3:30 p.m. (Arrive at 2:45 p.m.)
Adult (14 and up): $29
Children (4-13): $12
Lap children up to 3 years: Free
Includes tax and service fee
(Compare to regular price: $50.22 adults/$21.20 children)

Our Spectacular Biblical Pageant and Ball will commence in the Sight and Sound’s spectacular lobby following the production of Moses. We will get back to you about the time.

Silver Dollar City Tickets will be mailed so that you are able to go on Monday; all other tickets will be available at Conference Registration Table on Tuesday, September 6 and Wednesday, September 7.


Conference Workshop Descriptions




The Only Path Home

The need to rebuild the family, church, and state seems obvious, but not knowing where to start keeps many from ever engaging in the battle. As a former state representative, Curtis explains the biblical approach to rebuilding the walls that have been torn down, addresses tactics for thinking Christians who want to make a difference in the battle for America, and exhorts God’s remnant to carefully study, understand and follow the biblical examples of repentance and restoration.


Purposeful Premeditated Treason

If you understand the strategies to dumb America down, the lies to keep us in crisis mode, and the reality of where we’re headed as a nation, you’ll know we need more than just facts to win this battle. A sobering overview of the successful deception used to destroy our country from within. Based on the film AGENDA 2: Masters of Deceit.


Integrating Children into Your Life’s Work

Working as a team provides more time together, builds stronger relationships, and nurtures a deep love for one another. This gives fathers more influence over their families and the ability to do greater things for the glory of God. It also prepares daughters to be incredible helpmeets and equips sons to be devoted leaders. When you involve your children in your life’s work, it becomes an incredible ministry no matter what your specific profession may be!


Successfully Running Any Business

Every once in a while you meet folks who have tried almost everything, and Curtis Bowers can certainly share the secrets to good business! After 30 years of T-shirts, vending machines, fondue restaurants, bookstores, commercial real estate, rental properties, film making and farming, he is well prepared to teach the keys that can help make any family venture profitable.


The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength - Nehemiah 8:10

Finding joy and strength in our times sometimes seems like an impossible task. As Christians, the joy of the Lord should always be our strength even when circumstances are not what we’d choose. An uplifting look at what God can do, accomplish, and provide when we completely depend on Him.


Behind the Scenes of a Family Film Project

Principles and practical advice your family needs to successfully shoot, edit, and sell a film. Filmmaking increases your circle of influence, provides wonderful travel opportunities as a family, and can be a vital income stream in the economy of the home. Hear the Bowers’ inspiring answers to prayer and hilarious hurdles throughout the making and marketing of the AGENDA documentaries.




Building a Christ-Centered Multi-Generational Business and Culture-Intentionally Guarding Christian Biblical Values in your Public Business and Community Culture

Jack Herschend, co-founder/owner of the largest family-owned themed attractions corporation, will share the inspiring journey his family took to intentionally create a Christian culture in their multi-generational businesses and community. The Herschends are now engaging their family’s fourth generation to operate a Christ-centered business culture based on principles found in 1 Cor. 13 where “Love Works.” Celebrating over 50 years, Herschend Family Entertainment has intentionally stood as guardians and watchmen to ensure that their businesses and community remain family-oriented and God-honoring and that Biblical Core Values are passed on to future generations.


Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE) Mission, Vision, Core Values Statements:

Our Commitment: Herschend Family Entertainment is dedicated to creating and sustaining welcoming destinations filled with adventure and memory-making fun. Governed by an outside board of directors, HFE has been family-owned and operated since our inception. And, it’s always been our goal to have each and every guest leave with two things: a smile and a deeper connection with each other. Our Mission: Creating Memories Worth Repeating® Our Values: We Greatly Exceed Guests’ Expectations: With distinctive themed entertaining experiences for every member of the family. With genuinely friendly caring people who take pride in what they do. We Serve Others: By working as a team and empowering each other. By being patient, kind, humble, respectful, selfless, forgiving, honest and committed. We Create Emotional Connections: By treating guests like a member of our family. By providing shared-experiences that bring families closer together. We Constantly Improve: By adapting to our guests’ changing expectations. By managing safety, security, risks and resources. By investing in people and products to produce growth and provide a reasonable return on our investment. All in a Manner Consistent with Christian Values and Ethics




Workshops to be announced in future newsletters.




Practicum: Consistent Principles of Speed Arithmetic, Part 1

Using the Japanese Soroban and Pascal’s mechanical calculator as guides, this practicum examines how we can teach a left-to-right paradigm for addition and subtraction that incorporates not only increased speed and accuracy, but a grasp of beauty unknown if we engage in traditional Western methods.


Practicum: Consistent Principles of Speed Arithmetic, Part 2

Using a simple guide that applies a principle that is the basis for the four operations of arithmetic, this practicum examines how we can teach a left-to-right paradigm for multiplication and division. Doing so increases speed and accuracy, incorporates important mental math processes, and offers a grasp of beauty unknown if we engage in traditional Western methods.


The Nature of Created Reality

It is important to understand the nature of created reality because it gives us a basic framework for understanding life in all its ramifications. This workshop will investigate the ground of the rationality of created reality is the beauty of the nature of the Creator, the Triune God of relationship. Created reality, therefore, displays a dynamism that reflects the beauty of the fellowship of the Father, Son, and Spirit.


The Nature of Mathematics

This workshop is a brief introduction showing how the nature of mathematics interlocks with the nature of created reality. Both mathematics and the mathematician live and work within the beautiful reality of relationships. If we know the ground of beauty, it will help us appreciate the beauty of mathematics even more!


Mathematics as a Tool of Wonder

In this session, we will present mathematics as a tool and as wonder. Mathematics is practical, as a tool of dominion with personal, business, and scientific applications – and we should teach these tools. Mathematics is also wonder in that it unveils fresh and exciting vistas into the nature of truth, beauty, and goodness as revealed via the study of its symmetry and structure including its internal and external interconnections; i.e., its unity in diversity.


Jesus: The Light of the Cosmos

What is a worldview? What is the starting point of a worldview? What are the components of a worldview? What is the Biblical Christian worldview? The purpose of this workshop is to frame the “what” questions with the more primary “who” question. In education, if we do not start right, if we do not answer the “who” question faithfully, we will compromise both the methodology and the end product.




How to Avoid Provoking Children to Anger

Angry outbursts, harsh words, impatience, arguments and temper tantrums: Do you feel like you are always pushing your children’s hot buttons? Are you trapped in a vicious cycle? Are you longing for someone to help you diagnose the problem from a biblical perspective and show you what you can to do to help your child deal with his or her anger? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will not want to miss this presentation. In a straightforward and compassionate presentation, author, lecturer, biblical counselor and father Lou Priolo will dig below the surface of children’s anger problems and identify some of the most common ways parents tend to provoke their children to anger.


How to Use the Scriptures in Child Training 1

New parenting books are cropping up all the time. But when it comes to the day-to-day challenges of raising children, too few parents really know how to rely on the Bible to provide guidance in doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. As an author, lecturer, biblical counselor, and father, Lou Priolo has the experience and grounding in Scripture to help you take hold of the biblical principles of child raising. In this first part of a two-part workshop series, Lou will offer insights into how to teach and correct your kids while maintaining the proper attitude and goals. Don’t miss this chance to find the tools you need to parent effectively, according to God’s design!


How to Use the Scriptures in Child Training 2

In this workshop Lou will continue to explain how to practically use the Scriptures in child training. The focus for this hour will be on correcting sinful thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions, as well as training children in righteousness so that the “corrected” problems do not reappear. There will also be a brief Q&A period at the end of this presentation.


Helping Children with Disrespectful Attitudes

There is probably nothing that provokes parents to anger quicker and more often than disrespect. To make matters worse, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of ways in which children can be disrespectful to their parents. The words they choose, the tone of their voices, and what they communicate with their bodies—especially their faces, all have the potential (individually and collectively) to communicate insolence, impudence, impertinence, and contempt. This workshop is designed to help parents identify and address these external manifestations of rebellion in the hearts of their children.


Waging and Winning the War against Conflict in the Home 1

It all begins with what’s in your heart. Conflict, that is. It doesn’t matter how much of a skilled orator you are. If you do not have certain peacemaking characteristics actively operating in your heart, your ability to resolve conflict will be ineffective. This session will unpack what are arguably the four most important biblical prerequisites for conflict resolution and demonstrate how their counterparts (corresponding character deficiencies) will hinder one’s peacemaking ability.


Waging and Winning the War against Conflict in the Home 2

Not all conflicts are the same. In the Bible we find several varieties, each with its own special solution. The solution for one will not work for the others (and vice versa). If you would like to learn how to identify and resolve the three most common types of conflict, come to this workshop.




Creation vs. Evolution: Does Genesis Matter?

Why do people no longer believe the Bible is true? Why is the Christian worldview crumbling?  How does unbelief in the history of Genesis undermine the authority of Scripture and the Gospel?  This presentation will answer these questions and equip you with biblical and scientific knowledge that shows Genesis is true history and is foundational to Christianity. 


Eugenics and Planned Parenthood: Past, Present, and Future

A tragic chapter in American history began in the early 1900s with the rise of the eugenics (which means “well-born”) movement. Many prominent philanthropists, scientists, and politicians believed that the human race was degrading because the poor, sick, and deformed were cared for and therefore survived to reproduce. Because of their acceptance of molecules-to-man evolution, these cultural leaders believed that mankind would only progress if laws were passed to enforce sterilization and segregation of the “undesirables,” and if immigration and marriage of the same were restricted.  Margaret Sanger embraced these ideas, and they were foundational in her establishment of Planned Parenthood.

Although the eugenics movement lost momentum when it was associated with the horrors of the Nazi regime, it didn’t die. Instead it became “quiet and careful.” A resurgence of eugenics is brewing in America.  Modern Planned Parenthood still advocates many eugenic ideals.  As Christians it is our responsibility to view life from God’s perspective and to defend all of those who are created in His image. No matter how impaired a human life may seem, every person has value because they are made in God’s image to bring glory to Himself.  


Genetics, Evolution, and Creation: Most Asked Questions

More and more evolutionists are saying that recent discoveries in the field of genetics are proof for common ancestry of life on earth.  But is that really true?  We will explore a layman’s overview of mutation, natural selection, and “junk” DNA demonstrating that these “proofs” of evolution are nothing of the kind, but can be easily explained from a biblical worldview. 


Fighting Truth Decay: Defending God’s Word

How often have we heard or taught these Bible “stories?” God created the world. Noah built a big boat. People built a tall tower called the Tower of Babel.  Probably more times than we can count. Yet how many times have we answered the following questions as we taught these stories? How old is the earth? Why is there death and suffering in the world? What about dinosaurs? Did humans evolve from apes? Did God really create in six days? These Bible “stories” aren’t stories, they’re real historical events that connect to and help us make sense of life today. In this presentation, you’ll discover how to defend God’s Word through a mnemonic called the “Seven C’s of History.” We’ll explore the answers to the above questions (and many more) and find out how we can teach our families and those around us the truth from Genesis to Revelation!


The Reality of Noah’s Flood and Ark

Was Noah’s Flood really global? How did Noah fit all those animals on the Ark? How could just eight people care for all the animals? Is there any evidence in the rock layers for a global flood? This presentation will answer these questions and more and equip you with biblical and scientific knowledge that shows Genesis is true history, Noah’s flood was global, and the Ark was a wonderfully designed rescue vessel. 


Wonder of the Cell

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the cells of your body?  Do you realize that your cells are really miniature factories performing thousands of jobs every second?  Using visually stunning computer animations we will explore the complexities of the inner workings of the cell and gain a greater appreciation of the designs of the Creator God.  





Repentance, Obedience and Restoration

In order for our nation to resume its biblical course, God’s people must first repent before any cultural realignment can take place. Dr. Raymond sets forth a detailed strategy for the Church as they prepare to once again confront the wickedness infecting the American culture.


The Anticipation of the King Enthroned (The Triumphal Entry Expounded and Applied)?The triumphal entry of the Christ has been somewhat marginalized in our modern day. And yet, it was the focus and anticipation of the Old Testament writers who looked beyond their own history to a time when God would be coronated as the Enthroned King of Nations. In this lecture Dr. Raymond expounds the “Enthronement Psalms” in order to explain and apply them to our present struggle.?




SHINE ~ You Are the Light of the World Discipleship Workshop

Jory Rolf, along with his growing Missionary Family, serves to Disciple, Encourage and Equip YOU to “Shine Brighter” in your Family, Church, Ministry, Workplace and Community ~ in the LIGHT of CHRIST JESUS. (Matt 5:14-16). Practical tools will be shared on how Christ empowers His Believers to SHINE HIS LIGHT in a dark and drifting world and inspire a Generational Transformational Legacy: Taking dominion in our Communities, Workplace, Ministries and Families. Discover how God used one family to help influence and capture an entire “Community Culture” toward Christian Biblical Values and learn how YOU can be a Legacy Catalyst in your own community. Take Your place in the BIG Story as You SHINE like Stars, as Christ’s Witness… in Your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the Ends of the Earth.




Anatomy and Physiology of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Avoid Provoking Children to Anger

Behind the Scenes of a Family Film Project

Biblical Christian Worldview-Jesus the Light of the Cosmos

Christ-The Enthroned King of Nations

Code of Life: DNA, Information, and Mutations

Created Reality is the Framework for Understanding Life


Disrespectful Attitudes-Identifying and Addressing External Manifestations of Rebellion


Generational Transformational Legacy: Taking Dominion for God’s Glory in Our Families, Church, Ministry, Workplace, and Community

Genetics, Evolution and Creation

Hope Amid Despair

How to Use Scripture in Child Training

Integrating Children into Life’s Work

Mathematics as a Tool of Wonder

Microbes and Creation

Nature of Mathematics

Principles of Speed Arithmetic

Raising Leaders

Rebuilding Family, Church, and State

Repentance, Obedience, and Restoration

Resolving Conflict in the Home

Successfully Running a Business

The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Understanding Strategies Used to Destroy America

Wonder of the Cell


Candy Summers Three Hour New Homeschoolers Workshop will be held at Silver Dollar City.


Times and locations of Workshops, Book Signings, and Festivities will be listed in our program, which will be handed to each attendee at the registration table.